Can companies and organizations have more than one type of charge station?

There are a lot of companies that have taken advantage of free or subsidized programs.  Often, as a result of these programs and then subsequent charge station purchases, the organization will have more than one type of vendor hardware & network.  As a result, because of their existing charge station network they may have to replace their hardware they have or try to unify the networks.  As the EV market has grown and evolved, charge station hosts now see the value in having the flexibility to install different charge stations on a unified network.  Initially, customers might only choose one vendor, but they like knowing that if a vendor goes out of business or adversely alters its network plan, there will be other equipment and networks that they will be able to use without stranding their current charge station assets.  Fortunately, for companies and organizations that find themselves in this situation, EV Connect’s enterprise solutions can help.

Can I become a Management Services client without purchasing charge stations from you?

Yes, that’s not a problem at all.  No client of ours is one-size-fits-all.  Some already have chargers they want to keep using but don’t want to manage or maintain them themselves.  Some clients just want chargers and want us to help them determine the best charge station program to meet their needs.  Other clients come to us for the whole enchilada – new charge stations and management services.

Can I collect payments from drivers who use our stations?

You sure can.  Some of our clients charge just enough to recoup their electricity costs.  Others don’t charge at all because they want to make EV charging a benefit to their employees or constituents who drive EVs.  We’ve seen some who charge a premium in order to generate revenue.  We help our management services clients establish their pricing policies and then configure them to meet their objectives.

Can my organization switch EV charging networks?

Yes, when your service contract is up, you can switch networks. Our network is open to YOU.  Some other proprietary networks are only open to charge station manufacturers, but you are still locked into a contract with them for their network.  With us you can switch networks – GUARANTEED.The number one way to lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) is to not have to replace your charge stations.

How can I increase my EV charge station ROI?

EV Connect™ makes the world’s most flexible electric vehicle (EV) charging network and cloud-based integration and application platform. That flexibility ensures our customers get the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the highest return from their EV charging investment (ROI).

Our white paper entitled “Your ROI Is at the Center of Everything We Do” explains how we do that in greater detail.

How many charging stations will I need?

You’re not alone!  Every business or governmental organization has to ask themselves that question up front.

To help you answer that, keep in mind that EV sales rose 440% between 2011 and 2013 and are on the verge of a consumer tipping point. Predictability, speed and convenience make EV drivers demand chargers at frequented locations.  Many locations do so without an eye towards the future. This shortsightedness causes growth and management problems along with higher costs and lower returns on their charge station investment.  EV Connect helps companies meet demand while lowering costs and increasing ROI.

The 2:1 Ratio Fallacy –  One charge station manufacturer has been quoted as saying a company should have a 2:1 driver-to-charger ratio.  Their solution to increased EV drivers and charger demand is for you to buy more charging stations.

EV Connect takes a different approach.  With our flexible and open network and our collaborative planning for the future, we’ll make sure you can cost-effectively add charge stations only when absolutely necessary.  We’ll also offer you tools to help drivers efficiently utilize a limited number of EV charging spaces.  A great way to increase your charge station ROI is to not have to throw more charge stations at EV drivers complaining about not having enough chargers or about how another EV driver is hogging the space even after he is done charging.

What brands and levels of chargers do you offer?

We all want choices, so we offer a wide range of levels 1 and 2 charge stations from the top charge station manufacturers.  Please contact our sales team for more information.

What is Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP)?

OCPP is an internationally-established open protocol for the communication between electric vehicle (EV) charge station hardware and charge station networks (akin to a cell phone service provider).

Some leading EV charging companies that make both charge stations and network operating software say that their network uses “open protocols”, but in some cases that isn’t true. If a network is truly open, you should be able to switch network providers without replacing your charging stations when your contract is up.

It makes sense when you think about a consumer product analogy:

Would you buy a television set that only worked with one particular satellite or cable service provider?

For more information, please see this whitepaper about OCPP.

What is the price for charge station installation?

The price varies depending on electric infrastructure need and layout.  When your charge stations can be grouped together it is less expensive for networking and getting electricity to the stations.   Their location also affects any cement and asphalt work which can elevate the price.  Installation requirements are evaluated with a free site assessment.

Which charging stations are the best?

We get that question all the time – and we’re glad we do!  Since we don’t make chargers, we can advise you as to the best solution to meet your objectives.  We won’t be able to give you a detailed answer to that question, however, until we get some information from you and do a free site assessment.