Accidents happen!

By July 8, 2013 Blog

Recently, this article in was posted and the title caught our eye:

Why Baltimore’s Vandalized Charging Stations Have Taken Too Long To Fix

One of our partners saw the article and sent us the following message:

[quote ]This is a perfect scenario for EVConnect. One call to you and this article would never have been written.

-John Kalb, VP, Market Development, EV Charging Pros[/quote]

John’s right!  Accidents happen, but EV Connect’s charge station management services can take care of uptime and maintenance issues quickly and affordably.  Occasionally, charge stations need maintenance.  Drivers may run over the plug, drive away while the plug is still connected, or pull up to the charge station just a bit too far and damage the charger.

Offering charging stations is a a great investment that you can protect for the long haul.


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