How Hotels Benefit from Installing Public EV Charging Stations

By August 24, 2020 Blog
benefit your hotel by installing public EV charging stations

benefit your hotel by installing public EV charging stations

There are over 1.5 million electric cars on the road in America today. This figure is expected to increase by 500% in the next four years. And when the people who drive those cars travel, they will often look for hotels with electric car charging facilities.

Nowadays it makes sense to build EV chargers at most hotels. There are numerous benefits of EV charging stations at hotels, especially destination hotels (as well as spas, resorts, B&Bs, AirBNBs, etc.) or hotels located in downtowns or other popular areas. In fact, it also makes sense to make them public EV charging stations so non-guests can also use them.

This raises the question, how exactly can hotels benefit from installing EV charging stations? Find out more with EV Connect!

Hotels with Electric Car Charging Attract Affluent Guests

Public EV charging stations are a way to attract higher-paying guests, as well as non-guest customers. EV drivers tend to be better-educated and more affluent than other drivers. They have more money to spend and are more likely to book longer stays, purchase upgrades, and order premium services. One of the top benefits of EV charging stations at hotels is that the people who care about this service will greatly appreciate it.

That’s why it pays to advertise this amenity. By advertising your public EV charging stations on your website, you’re letting these potential guests know that they are welcome at your hotel. If they’ll be renting a car while they’re in town, they can rent an electric car knowing that they’ll be able to plug in at day’s end. Likewise, if they’ll be driving their own car, they’ll be looking for hotels with electric car charging.

Public EV Charging Stations at Your Hotel Create Local Business Synergies

If your hotel is within a few minutes’ walk of shops, restaurants, convention centers, or tourist destinations, then you stand to create business synergies by offering EV charging facilities.

Here’s how it works: One of the benefits of EV charging stations at a hotel is that people driving EVs don’t have to leave the area. Whether they’re a guest or a visitor, they can park in your lot and go eat at neighboring restaurants and shop in nearby stores. The same applies if you have your own restaurants or retail operations on your premises.

By offering public EV charging stations, your hotel and the businesses around it will become a more appealing destination to EV drivers. And boosting the economy in your immediate neighborhood is always a good proposition.

Public EV Charging Stations Help Expand the EVSE Grid

Lastly, one of the benefits of EV charging stations is the environmental impact. The country is very slowly, but surely, transitioning to electric vehicles. More and more people care about having clean air and sustainable transportation. Local and state governments are responding by bringing political pressure to bear on businesses to clean up their act.

Hotels with electric car charging stations are sending a signal that they get it. It’s good for your brand to get on board.

And by making these public EV charging stations, you’ll be helping to expand the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) grid. The nation urgently needs more EV charging infrastructure, as the availability of these facilities is holding back many people from purchasing electric vehicles. By making your charging stations open to the public (when available), you will be creating an EV “hotspot” in your immediate neighborhood.

Manage Your Hotel’s EV Charging Networks With EV Connect

Installing public EV charging stations is only the beginning. To unlock the full potential of your investment you need to have good network management for your charging stations. At EV Connect, that is our specialty.

We offer hotel and hospitality businesses like yours the solutions you need. In addition to our open-source network software, which follows national EV charging standards and works with any EV charging station hardware, our EV Cloud Platform offers powerful solutions, including:

  • Pioneer: Private label branding for your EV charging services.
  • Foundation: Customization with our API and administrative tools.
  • Roam: Perfect for creating a consistent experience at different charging locations.

Contact EV Connect today to learn more about what we can do for your hotel’s charging stations.

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