LA Kicks Off Electric Car Pilot Program

By October 27, 2010 News

by Susan DeFreitas

The electric vehicles (EVs) are coming, and the green tech world is all abuzz with news of charging stations from coast to coast. The latest news comes to us from Los Angeles, where the California Energy Commission has recently announced a collaborative pilot project aimed at assessing the integration of electric cars into Los Angeles as a whole.

Bringing on EVs in meaningful numbers is no minor concern for a drive-happy city which intends to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 35 percent below 1990 levels by 2030 (according to California Energy Commissioner Anthony Eggert). The pilot program is a joint effort of EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions, and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). Together, they’ll be assessing what it will take to make EVs a viable form of transportation in LA, including consumer behavior and ridership patterns.

The upshot? Determining those key locations where charging stations will be needed to support mass EV adoption in the City of Angels. As part of the program, charging stations will be installed at strategic points at the end of common transit segments–such as Canoga and Sierra Madre–as well as at heavy traffic locations such as Union Station and Universal City.

One of the objectives of the study will be to get a handle on how to integrate EV charging solutions into the overall L.A. Metro system, which those involved see as an opportunity both to enhance the transit experience for patrons and to attract others to consider the “charge and ride” option in their daily commutes.

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