What You Need To Know About New York State’s New EV Rebate Program

By October 25, 2017 Blog
drive clean rebate program

New York State introduced a rebate plan in April of this year that promotes the increased usage of EVs. The rebate, called the Drive Clean Rebate, has the intention and main goal of making electric vehicles more competitive price-wise with traditional, internal-combustion engine vehicles and, therefore, more desirable for consumers to buy.

With this rebate, consumers are now eligible for up to $2,000 back for the purchase of zero-emissions and plug-in electric hybrid cars as a key part of a movement to decrease auto carbon emissions. Emissions from cars are the state’s largest contributor to climate change and pollution.

EVs actually save drivers money and reduce air pollution significantly, according to research from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). They are more energy efficient and cost roughly 50 to 70% less to operate per mile compared to gas-powered vehicles. They also lessen greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants that cause smog and acid rain.

How the Drive Clean Rebate Works - 1) Find your favorite plug-in hybrid or battery-powered car 2) Go to the nearest participating dealer and try the electric car you like 3) Get up to $2,000 off your electric car purchase

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin, a Westchester County Democrat who leads the Assembly energy committee, says in a statement to the Associated Press that the New York State government hopes to eventually make electric cars an option that’s as mainstream as typical vehicles. Because EVs are already becoming more and more affordable every year, Paulin says encouraging the purchase and usage of them is vital right now.

Supporters of green movements and promoters of the health of the environment had anxiously been awaiting the rebate’s launch since it was approved by lawmakers in 2016. And New York isn’t the only state advocating for the spread of electric vehicles. More than 75 percent of states also already offer local incentives that diminish the cost of investing in EVs. Plus, the federal government offers a tax rebate nationwide of up to $7,500.

Executive Director of Environmental Advocates of New York Peter Iwanowicz notes his disappointment that it took Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration so long to address such a change; April 1 was the state’s deadline to launch this particular rebate, in fact. “Consumers want to buy these vehicles,” he says. “It’s just unfortunate the agency decided to slow-walk it.”

NYSERDA authorities put the final touches on the rebate program and communicated with car dealers to ensure they were informed of the program just before its launch on April 1, NYSERDA spokeswoman Kate Muller says. Muller also says the state already introduced a rebate for municipalities buying electric vehicles for government fleets.

Several additional discounts, electric vehicle charging incentives, and tax credits are available for electric vehicle drivers in New York State. For a full list and corresponding details of these incentives, plus additional research regarding EVs, check out NYSERDA’s website.

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