The EV Connect Edge among Electric Car Charging Companies

By September 4, 2018 Blog
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Have you ever thought about introducing electric car charging stations at your business? It’s best that you jump on it, as the train has already left the station.

Research shows that over 35 million electric vehicles will be on roads around the globe by 2022. Why? Because the major shift in fuel distribution and transportation will drive the demand for electric car charging stations.

If you’re the chief executive officer of a company, the manager of an apartment complex, a university administrator, a hotel owner, a parking lot owner, a hospital administrator, a government organization leader, a utility manager, or a commercial building owner, now is the perfect time to connect with EV Connect to begin taking advantage of the growing consumer trend of electric vehicle charging. Let’s take a look at why EV Connect has an edge among today’s electric car charging station companies.

Why EV Connect, and Why Now?

EV Connect stands out among electric car charging station companies today for its strong track record of attracting and retaining employees, tenants, and customers. It has proved time and time again that it is an excellent business partner in the electric car charging market space.

Now is a smart time to partner with EV Connect for a variety of reasons. First, the company can help you to experience potentially significant installation-related cost savings by installing stations on your property now instead of next year, when prices may rise as demand increases, or through locally available subsidy programs.

In addition, with electric car charging stations, you can more easily build and enrich your relationships with your employees, customers, and tenants long term. Finally, you may be able to take advantage of federal, state, and/or local subsidies to help with offsetting your installation and purchase costs.

The EV Connect Solution

EV Connect remains a leader among electric car charging station companies today because it can easily design a comprehensive solution for your business. In addition to answering any questions you may have, EV Connect can help you to establish as well as maintain an optimal infrastructure for your electric vehicle charging stations.

For starters, the company works with several leading electric car charging station companies. This is made possible by EV Connect’s “equipment agnostic” setup. In other words, unlike its competitors, which each typically offers a solution that works with just one vendor, EV Connect can help you to choose the best station options from among various vendors for your unique business environment.

The result? More feature functionality, more long-term cost savings, and greater value overall for you and your customers, tenants, and employees.

EV Connect Customization Puts It Steps Ahead of Other Electric Car Charging Companies

An important step in building the right station solution for you is determining where to install stations on your property. EV Connect will thoroughly survey your site and figure out the most ideal station installation location based on factors such as installation costs, power availability, and your parking lot’s usage.

After determining a good location for your stations, the company will customize your system for managing your electric vehicle charging stations. Thanks to EV Connect’s EV Cloud, you can monitor and maintain your stations, offer support to your drivers, and generate detailed monthly activity reports for your stations.

Not many electric car charging station companies offer the type of highly integrated, scalable, robust, and intelligent charging station software platform that EV Connect provides. Therefore, when you partner with EV Connect, you can be confident that you are making the most of your electric car charging station investment and will continue to reap its benefits.

What Does EV Connect’s Charge Cloud Include?

EV Connect’s breakthrough software platform offers a variety of services designed to improve electric car drivers’ experiences and benefit your company by minimizing downtime and maximizing utilization. These services include the following:

  • Setup
  • Configuration
  • Usage reports regarding greenhouse emission and kWh savings
  • Uptime monitoring/reporting
  • Pricing controls and access
  • Support related to your equipment warranty
  • Flexible and customized pricing plans designed for various driver groups
EV Connect can easily walk you through this platform so that you fully understand how to fully tap into its power for the benefit of your organization.

Get into the Electric Car Charging Game Now!

Making electric car charging technology completely accessible is the first step in achieving a more sustainable future—EV Connect’s objective. That’s why EV Connect remains in demand among today’s electric car charging station companies. Our company has more than 35 years of electric car charging experience, during which it has deployed and overseen thousands of charging stations.

EV Connect takes pride in offering tailored charging solutions that puts it ahead of other electric car charging station companies. Get in touch with EV Connect to find out more about how the company can help you to decrease your charging station ownership costs and boost the return on your investment for a strong bottom line and green reputation long term.

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