Why Open Charging Networks Are The Future of EV Charging

By September 14, 2020 Blog
A blue car charging at an EV station

A blue car charging at an EV stationWhen you’re choosing an EV charging network for your stations, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the smartest choices you can make is choosing an open network. Read on to learn why the best EV charging networks are open!

Flexibility And Interoperability

One of the best-known benefits of open charging networks is the flexibility they offer to site hosts and to drivers. Unlike closed networks, an open system can operate with any hardware that meets OCPP standards. Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) standardizes the data exchange between central control systems and the charging stations. Opting for an open system enables a wider range of hardware vendors to choose from. Open networks mean you’re not limited to a particular vendor; you can work with any OCPP-compliant vendor, and if you choose to expand, you can later add charging stations from different manufacturers, as long as they are OCPP-compliant. OCPP also guarantees interoperability between existing and new EV charging stations, ensuring a consistent experience with optimum uptime for drivers. Keep drivers happy with a positive experience every time!

Stimulate Technical Innovation

Open EV charging network software is also beneficial for the EV charging industry as a whole. This technology promotes a more efficient industry by allowing free-market competition to reduce the costs of both EV software and hardware. More options also reduce the risks for EV charging hardware purchasers, as they can easily switch between charging networks if they aren’t satisfied with the quality of their original purchase.

Promote Large-Scale Transportation Electrification

A black electric car charging in a cityFinally, open networks help advance the industry by making large-scale transportation electrification more sustainable. One of the biggest challenges faced by the EV industry has been the slow development of infrastructure. Drivers are often hesitant to purchase electric vehicles because of “range anxiety,” the fear that they will be limited in their travels by a scarcity of charging stations. The advantage of an open charging network, however, encourages more businesses to install charging stations, providing more opportunities for drivers. Over time, an increased number of charging stations throughout the country will instill greater confidence, and more drivers will opt to go electric with their next vehicle.

With all these advantages, it’s no wonder so many are turning to open EV charging network software. At EV Connect, we’ve selected an OCPP-compliant open network for all these reasons. Our EV Cloud Platform allows you to develop your own charging network with the help of our robust technology. Choose EV Connect for the best EV charging network available.

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