Complete. Flexible. Scalable.

EV Connect is a company dedicated to EV charging solutions for businesses and governments.

Industry Specific Scalability

Our solutions are industry specific, so that means we understand and customize our systems to work with your unique challenges.

Parking Operators

Customized Solutions

We are the smartest EV charging company creating scalable, flexible, and comprehensive industry-specific solutions. We understand that no two industries or even organizations are alike, so it doesn’t make sense to offer a cookie-cutter approach to EV technology. As such, we customize our high-quality systems to meet your organization’s unique needs.

We’re A Triple Threat Solution

The Charge Stations

The Best Chargers Need Not Break The Bank

With more than 2,500 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations deployed, EV Connect is one of the nationwide leaders in electric vehicle charging.


We deliver and manage commercial charge station networks, which provides increased control over charging price, and station status and management.


As an EV charging solutions company, we make it a priority to decrease cost of ownership and increase your return on investment with our switchable network guarantee. Choose from the best and latest charge station hardware at the best price, regardless of the manufacturer.

EV Connect is the only true open network that adapts with the needs of your business. Our hardware and software allow customers to switch networks when the initial service contract expires

Customer Focus

Our driver app makes it easy to use your stations easy and convenient. Drivers can check station status and even make payments.

The Software

The Cloud is The Key

Our cloud-based integration platform EV Cloud helps customers:

  • Manages and optimizes EV charge stations,
  • Enhances relationships with EV drivers including reservations, human resources and loyalty program systems,
  • Provides hardware and network choice, and flexibility,
  • Integrates seamlessly with enterprise systems and unifies existing and disparate hardware.

24 / 7 Ongoing Support

We’ll Take Care of Everything

It can be overwhelming figuring out charge station details. As a customer-focused EV charging company, we feature our own Charge Station Management Service which takes care of everything including, site selection, utility coordination, charge station options, energy management, and more.

There’s no need to dedicate or divert staff to manage your charge stations, train a site manager, or monitor your network of drivers and charge stations — we’ll take care of everything.

Total Flexibility

ROI Optimized EV Charging

EVConnect is the only true open network that adapts with the needs of your business. Our hardware and software allow customers to switch networks when the initial service contract expires.

Total Control

Simple Cloud Management

We make charging station management as easy as possible. This comprehensive set of services includes energy management, station options, utility coordination, and site selection. What does this mean for you? It means you don’t have to hire staff to monitor your charge stations and driver network — we can do it all so that you can focus on what you do best: taking care of your organization’s core customer or visitor focus.

Let’s Work Together

With EV Connect, you can get only the essential services and solutions you need. Either invest in more cost effective charging stations, or a simpler cloud management platform. You can even get both in the same package!