Higher Education

Fight climate change and provide value for students, faculty, and staff by adding electric vehicle charging stations to your school, college, or university.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Offering EV charging to your students, faculty, and staff will not only add a valuable amenity to your campus, but will also serve as a visible demonstration of your commitment to environmental protection.

Blue Station Certification

Provide a Valuable Amenity

97% of electric vehicle drivers charge at work or at home. Make sure your parking lot meets this growing need for your students, faculty, and staff.

Blue Pricing Modules

Subsidize with Rebates and Incentives

Governments across North America are giving away billions in incentives to organizations investing in EV charging networks and infrastructure, meaning you could have up to 100% of your costs covered.

Blue Roam

Manage with Ease

EV Connect has created the most open, innovative, and robust cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle charging stations. This hardware-agnostic software seamlessly connects all common EV charging stations with all common electric vehicles, allowing you to effortlessly track usage, monitor station performance, and monetize your investment.

Case Study

Check out how EV Connect helped Panda Restaurant Group fund their employee assistance program with electric vehicle charging.


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EV State Incentives

Download our free list of states that offer electric vehicle charging rebates and grants to see what incentives you qualify for to make electric charging even more affordable for your municipality.


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