Take advantage of incentives and rebates to attract high-value EV drivers to your locations.

The Future of Hospitality

As electric vehicles gain market share, the hospitality industry is anticipating more demand for hotels with EV charging stations in their parking lots. Fortunately, with EV Connect, hotels can develop charging facilities that are affordable, easy to maintain, and easy to manage.

Blue Pricing Modules

Attract High-Value Guests

The average EV driver has an annual household income above $100,000 and are more likely to desire upgrades, services, and amenities. 

Blue Station Certification

Subsidize with Rebates and Incentives

Governments across North America are giving away billions in incentives to organizations investing in EV charging networks and infrastructure, meaning you can add this valuable service for little cost.

Blue Roam

Manage with Ease

Our hardware agnostic software seamlessly connects all common EV charging stations with all common electric vehicles, allowing you to effortlessly track usage, monitor station performance, and monetize your investment.

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