Commercial Fleet

EV Connect provides fully integrated fleet support with EV charging management, network interoperability, driver communications, peak load management, and access control.

Electrify Your Fleet

With billions of dollars of rebates and incentives available, there’s never been a better time to electrify your commercial fleet. Our flexible platform will equip you with the management tools you need.

Blue Station Certification

Station Diagnostics & Alerting

Ingest log data from stations to monitor performance in real-time and create customized alerts for faults, loss of communication, or other anomalies.

Blue Open ADR

Load Management

Distribute and schedule charging to minimize load and apply during the most cost-effective periods.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Easily integrate existing fleet management tools and build your own proprietary applications by leveraging our comprehensive suite of APIs and administrative back-end tools, including pricing modules, OCPI roaming, vehicle integration, payment processing, and more.