EV Connect is a leading provider of solutions for utilities, providing the best choice for grid optimization and flexibility.

Powering the Future

Demand is surging for electric vehicles and the electricity and charging stations to fuel them. In fact, the International Energy Agency projects that more than 500 terawatt-hours of electricity will be needed to power electric vehicles by 2030. Make sure your utility is prepared to handle the new load by working with a company that can deliver a scalable, full-featured charging solution.

Whether you’re looking to provide rebates, incentives, or make-ready infrastructure to support the deployment of EV charging stations, or are interested in owning and operating an EV Charging network, we have the technology and deployment expertise to support your goals. Contact us to learn more.

Why EV Connect?

Open Standards Based Platform

The EV Cloud is the only charge station management platform that was designed from its inception to be hardware agnostic and has been rigorously tested with dozens of models, hardware options, and manufacturers to ensure optimal performance.

Demand Response and Management

We have deep experience in working with utilities on demand response programs for managing the energy load from EV Charging stations. As an OpenADR certified platform, we actively participate in  load shed and load shift DR programs for grid management purposes. Additionally, we provide energy management functions such as power sharing and demand charge control features that provide benefits to utilities and site hosts to manage their energy costs.


The platform resides in a highly secure Virtual Private Cloud with multiple layers of data security, including encryption, multi-factor user authentication, and redundant back-ups.  


The platform provides all the data you need in a flexible format, including session, station, transaction, interval, and sustainability metrics reports. 

Featured Customers

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