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Yahoo! Green Team empowers employees to reduce their environmental impact, both in and out of the workplace. EV Connect was selected to support your greener commute by providing electric vehicle charging services.

EV charging stations at Yahoo are accessed through a mobile app. To get started, please download the app from the Google or iOS stores via the links below and then sign-up using your email address. You will be automatically added to the Yahoo driver group and will have access to the stations immediately. Once you have created a user account, EV Connect will review it,and dispatch an RFID key fob to you via mail. If you have any questions about EV charging at Yahoo!, please see the links below or contact us:

FAQ: EV Charging at Yahoo! | Charge Station Operating Instructions | Yahoo! Charge Station List

Search for charge stations based on location, keywords, availability, power level, and accessibility

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Monitor your current charge session in real-time, and receive notifications when your vehicle has completed charging

Pay safely and securely through PayPal, and view a history of your past charge sessions

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Need help with the EV App on iPhone or Android? Let us walk you through a simple guide of the app and all the ways it can simple your charge experience.