Charging Management Platform

Build a best in class driver experience with our charging
network platform of software and services.

Powerful Tools for Custom Solutions

Foundation provides the ability for networks to optimize the charging experience for their unique EV drivers. Unlock thousands of use cases by leveraging our comprehensive suite of APIs and powerful administrative back-end tools, including:

Blue Pricing Modules

Pricing Modules

Blue Customer Support Portal

Customer Support Portal

Blue Uptime Maximizer

Uptime Maximizer

Blue OCPI Roaming

OCPI Roaming

Blue Vehicle Integration

Vehicle Integration

Blue Open ADR

Open ADR

Blue Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Blue Station Certification

Station Certification

Blue Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Here are just a few of the ways you can enhance your drivers’ experience with Foundation: 

Custom Solutions

Integrate couponing with charging to motivate EV drivers to enter your store.

Blue Pricing Modules

Tie charging to loyalty programs for discounts and extra rewards.

Blue Payment Processing

Offer free charging to premium rewards members within your app.

Best of all, with our available services, such as 24/7 driver support and station health monitoring through our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center, you can focus your resources on developing new features while ensuring your drivers are always supported and your stations are always operational.