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Welcome to EV charging services at the Metro provided by EV Connect.

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Metro has introduced electric vehicle (EV) charge stations at ten Metro Park & Ride lots: Union Station, Universal City/Studio City, El Segundo, Willow St, Sierra Madre Villa, Arcadia, Monrovia, Duarte/City of Hope, Irwindale, and APU/Citrus College.

The Level 2 charge stations allow riders with EVs to conveniently charge their cars while using the Metro system

How It Works

  1. Sign up for an account here.
  2. Download the EV Connect Mobile app
  3. Park your vehicle at a Metro charge station marked with this parking symbol below:
  4. Use your app to scan the station’s QR code. Or, touch your key fob on the reader pad to start charging. Key fobs can be purchased from  .
  5. Plug in and Go Metro! If you have any questions contact us or view our in-depth facts sheet.

Search for charge stations based on location, keywords, availability, power level, and accessibility

Start a charge session by scanning a QR code or entering the station ID

Monitor your current charge session in real-time, and receive notifications when your vehicle has completed charging

Pay safely and securely through PayPal, and view a history of your past charge sessions

Get More Out Of Your EV App

App Guides

Need help with the EV App on iPhone or Android? Let us walk you through a simple guide of the app and all the ways it can simple your charge experience.