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Become a New York EV Community Station Host For Little to No Cost


Become a New York EV Community Station Host

EV Connect has partnered with NYSERDA1, GE, SparkFund, NYPA2 and General Motors to create fifty (50) new EV Communities in the State of New York.  With a grant of $1.4 million ($1,400,000) dollars EV Connect will provide and deploy charging stations at each of the 50 EV community site locations.

EV Connect is looking for potential site hosts interested in receiving top of the line GE charging stations at little to no cost. EV Connect already manages hundreds of electric vehicle charging stations throughout New York State. Under this Program, site hosts will receive charging station equipment and installations all for a fraction of the cost. EV Connect will also be providing their innovative management and software solutions, making charging station management easy and interactive for every site host.

Contact us and we’ll help you apply!

Under this grant, our partnership with Sparkfund also provides simplified financing options. EV vehicle manufacturers will also offer exceptional vehicle rebates under this program.

1 New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
2 New York Power Authority

Outside of New York?

If you are outside of New York, (but interested in similar opportunities) please visit our Featured Programs page. For Incentives and rebates by state, Contact us for assistance and more information about programs in your area!

Want More Information?

EV Connect and NYSERDA are working together to make your community a greener better place! Learn more about the details and how they can help you.