Schools & Colleges: Get Comprehensive Managed EV Charging Solutions with EV Connect

Solutions | Educators: Get One Software Solution for All EV Charging Station Types

You take pride in adding value to the lives of your students, faculty, and staff members. What better way to further enhance their daily lives than by providing them with EV charging capabilities.

At EV Connect, we make this process as easy as possible. As one of today’s leading EV charging companies we offer platform-agnostic software solutions for all common EV charging station types. No matter what hardware you install, EV Connect makes it simple for you to maintain your EV charging network and all the data associated with it. Our tools will help you maximize ROI on your lots while minimizing total costs of ownership. And with our app, EV drivers will have an easy time too.

Setting the Trend

Schools and colleges can act as powerful trendsetters when it comes to implementing new technologies for environmental stewardship. We’re all aware that vehicle emissions are a problem, both in terms of the conventional pollutants they produce and their greenhouse gas emissions.

As prominent members in your community, your institution has the visibility to show people by example that electric vehicles are a viable and growing technology. By providing EV charging in your parking lots, you can make a difference, and with EV Connect you only need one software solution to make virtually all the different EV charging station types work.

Let EV Connect Work for You

EV Connect is committed to being the industry leader in EV charging services. We can advise you on all aspects of the process of installing EV chargers, and upgrading and maintaining an existing network. We’ll teach you how to get the most out of our software, monetize your charge stations and how to benefit your EV drivers so that they have a quick and convenient experience. We can assist you with site selection and ongoing electricity management to minimize costs, different EV charging types available, and everything else you need to successfully implement this technology in your parking lots. Contact us today to get started!