Optimize & Simplify Your EV Fleet Management with EV Connect

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You take pride in the impeccable management of your company’s fleet of vehicles, for the sake of both the employees who drive them and your customers. At EV Connect, we offer the top-tier support and software solutions required for high-quality EV fleet management at your company.

EV Fleet Management

EV Connect takes pride in offering first-rate EV charging stations designed to conveniently keep your EVs charged. Our goal? To help you to effectively support your company’s growing client base with the right equipment for your business’s unique needs.

However, we are not your average EV charging company. When you choose to partner with us, you don’t just benefit from the top-notch EV charging stations we offer from partners. You can also leverage our unique open EV charging platform and network—the most quickly growing one available today.

Our EV Fleet Management Software

Our EV Cloud software is a user-friendly platform that offers ultimate flexibility when it comes to EV station management, pricing policies, and access control.

However, in addition to offering top-of-the-line software, we offer around-the-clock driver support and the assistance you need to keep your stations functioning properly. That means you don’t need to devote staff to managing your station infrastructure—you can leave the responsibility to us.

Software and Hardware Integration Capability

Do you already have EVs in your company fleet, which means you already have EV stations on your property, too? That’s not a problem, as you can easily integrate your company’s existing EV charging station hardware with our platform. You can rest assured that with our intuitive software, which will be increasingly sought after in the years ahead, you’ll stay ahead of the competition both now and in the future.

Contact us and Download the EV Connect brochure to find out more about how our hardware and software solutions can help you to effectively manage your EV fleet in the months and years to come.