Municipalities: Deploy Fully Managed EV Charging Services to Your Community

Solutions | Municipalities: Become EV Charging Locations

Municipalities and other public institutions were some of the earliest adopters of EV charging locations, setting an example for the community to follow. Today, electric vehicles have finally caught on and are growing in market share substantially, now over 1 percent nationally and 5 percent in California of all vehicle sales. EVs are now economically viable and the momentum is unmistakable, but we still have work to do.

The Need to Lead

There is still a need for municipalities to lead by example. Concerns about public health and environmental sustainability have put a new focus on the importance of building and maintaining EV facilities and availability. And now that EVs can go hundreds of miles on a single charge, many people are seriously looking at this technology for their next vehicle.

However, they need to trust that EV charging locations will be as easy to find as gas stations. As a local government you can do your part by providing charging stations for your employees, visitors, constituents, and anyone else parking in your lots.

Choose EV Connect for Your EV Charging Management Solution

At EV Connect, we offer platform-agnostic EV charging solutions that let any electric vehicle plug into virtually any common EV charger. We also provide management software to let you track your networks’ data, so that you can fully understand and optimize usage trends, allocate resources, and also recover the costs of the electricity dispersed.

We already count hundreds of local governments and government agencies across the country among our clientele. We work with municipalities of every size, and can advise you on every step of the process for installing and maintaining EV chargers at your lots. And our driver app lets EV drivers have a convenient, easy experience too, helping them track charging progress and find EV charging locations at other lots.

Contact us today to discuss your vision and take the first steps in embracing EV technology.