Utility Companies: Effortlessly Manage & Monetize Your EV Charging Stations with EV Connect

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In today’s world, many cities are preparing for electric futures, and utilities are taking the lead in the adoption of EV implementation. Fortunately, as a utility company, you are not alone on this journey.

At EV Connect, we are prepared to help utility companies like yours through the entire EV charging software management and operations process. Our smart network offers you a variety of electric vehicle charging solutions to manage and monetize your EV charging stations.

EV Connect Is Leading the Way

EV Connect is one of the leading EV charging solution providers in the United States, having deployed 2,500-plus charging stations. Our clients include major corporations, big city governments, and countless small businesses, schools, and municipalities. We’re also proud to work with utility companies, who produce the power that brings electric vehicles to life.

We offer a single, complete software solution to integrate your physical hardware with most electric vehicles, and track and analyze usage data and other important statistics. We also have an app for drivers to make the experience simple and convenient for them, too.

Get a Free Assessment

We can easily complete a free site assessment for you to determine which charging stations would work best for you based on your particular EV charging software preferences and requirements. Our assessment will help us to determine how you can make the most out of any EV chargers you add to your lots, and will let us give you an indication of which electric vehicle charging solutions will be best-suited to your needs.

Contact EV Connect to Power Up Your Parking Solutions

We understand that you do not have a lot of time to deal with your EV chargers. This is exactly why we offer management services consisting of ongoing maintenance, the operation of charge stations, driver and customer support, consulting services, and network software products. Our aim is to use our EV charging software to empower you to develop, implement, and maintain an EV charging program that is cost effective and convenient for both you and drivers.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can get started in bringing EV technology to your lots.

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