EV Charging Station Solutions for Businesses

Solutions | Workplace EV Charging: Electric Car Charging Stations For Business

Workplace EV charging is more than just a fringe benefit for potential employees. These days, more and more talented workers are seeking corporate campuses and offices that are equipped with electric vehicle charging stations to power their environmentally-friendly vehicles while on the job.

On the surface, arranging electric car charging stations for business may seem like a hassle, yet it’s anything but thanks to the power of EV Connect.

Solutions for EV Parking and Charging

EV Connect provides charging software solutions to help parking lot operators manage their EV charging stations. We partner with the world’s leading equipment manufacturers to develop your very own optimized workplace EV charging network. Our cloud-based software solutions are platform-agnostic and fully reliable, allowing for constant monitoring and quick fixes to make any desired change. We also provide comprehensive customer support for drivers, making the EV experience a seamless one for you and your valued employees.

A Setup Customized for Your Business

With EV Connect, it’s easy to develop and tailor the right workplace EV charging setup for your business. We offer free consultations and can advise you on every step of the process of installing and operating EV chargers. If your company already has EV chargers, we can help you to manage all of them under one, easy-to-use system.

Contact EV Connect and Bring Electric Vehicles to Work for You

To find out more about electric car charging stations for business, call (866) 790-3155 or contact us online. Take your company into the era of EV charging with EV Connect!