EV charging station incentives in Maryland

Maryland has electric vehicle charging station incentives and rebates (Level 2 and DC Fast Charger) available for businesses, public places and multi-unit dwellings through BGE, Pepco, Volkswagen Mitigation Plan and Maryland state agencies.

Maryland EV Charging Station Incentives and Rebates

Maryland is one of several states with multiple EV charging station rebate programs.

Incentives and rebates range from 40% to 100% to expand Maryland’s growing network of electric vehicle infrastructure, allowing residents, businesses, and government agencies to purchase and drive EV charging stations.

With EV adoption growing, installing EV charging stations thanks to incentives and rebates will never be cheaper!

Case Study

Panda Restaurant Group Partners with EV Connect to Expand and Manage EV Charging With 30 Dual Port Stations.


Maryland State Incentives

State agencies, federal agencies, and utilities offer a variety of rebates, incentives, and grants that make electric charging even more affordable. Check here to see the programs in Maryland.


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