New Jersey Electric Car Rebates And Other Incentives

In New Jersey, electric car rebates apply not only to the purchase of new electric vehicles but to the purchase and installation of new electric vehicle charging stations as well. Everyone who operates a parking lot should seriously consider installing new EV charging equipment using the New Jersey electric car incentives that were recently signed into law. This includes:

  • Businesses owners and managers
  • Municipal governments
  • Transportation departments
  • Fleet managers
  • Landlords
  • Facilities managers at hospitals, colleges, power stations, etc.

When you do install chargers on your lots, be sure to check out EV Connect’s charging solutions to help you manage them.

Drive Green New Jersey

It Pay$ to Plug In

In January 2020, New Jersey passed a landmark electric vehicle law that will strongly encourage the adoption of EVs in the years ahead. This is the new centerpiece of New Jersey electric car rebates.

One of the new incentives the new law creates is something called It Pay$ to Plug In. This program is specifically dedicated to providing grants for the installation of new EV charging stations on public and private parking lots. The grants cover anywhere from 60% to 100% of the costs of purchasing and installing EV charging equipment. They apply to Level 1 charges (at-home plug-ins), Level 2 chargers, and the new generation of DC fast chargers.

New Jersey’s electric car incentives stand out nationwide. Electric car incentives often fail to cover the construction of EV charging infrastructure, but New Jersey covers this part of the process. This makes it more expedient to set up the charging stations needed to support electric vehicles.

Case Study

Panda Restaurant Group Partners with EV Connect to Expand and Manage EV Charging With 30 Dual Port Stations.


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New Jersey State Incentives

State agencies, federal agencies, and utilities offer a variety of rebates, incentives, and grants that make electric charging even more affordable. Check here to see the programs in New Jersey.


PSE&G’s “Clean Energy Future—Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Program”

For several years, PSE&G, one of New Jersey’s largest utilities, has maintained something called the Clean Energy Future—Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Program. This program has offered a variety of incentives, most notably an incentive for installing new EV charging infrastructure. For years it was one of the most significant New Jersey electric car rebates as far as new charging equipment was concerned.

With the passage of the new electric vehicle legislation in 2020, this program’s future is uncertain. However, if you are served by PSE&G it is absolutely worth contacting them and asking if they still offer EV charging incentives in your area.

Contact EV Connect today for further information on how you can benefit from New Jersey electric vehicle incentives.

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