Washington State Electric Vehicle Incentives For Charging Stations

Here you can learn about the current Washington State electric vehicle incentives available for the purchase and installation of new EV charging stations at your property. Electric vehicles are growing in market share, but the charging infrastructure for them is not keeping pace.

To encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to deploy EV chargers on your property, Washington is one of the national leaders in encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles. There are significant Washington State electric car incentives available for purchasing and installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Most of the Washington State electric vehicle incentives and grants are funded by the state through the state’s electric utilities. There are also incentives available at the state level, and by some local governments.

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Washington Electric Utility Grants

Several of Washington’s electric utilities operate their own Washington State electric car incentives for installing EV charging equipment. For instance, Puget Sound Energy (PSE), the state’s largest utility, has its Host an EV Charger program. Another utility, Pacific Power, has its own program that provides up to 100% funding.

EV Connect can help you figure out what options are available in your area.

Be Alerted About New Grant Opportunities

To get on the state’s official mailing list for when new grant programs and other Washington State electric vehicle incentives are announced, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) requests you contact them at partnerships@wsdot.wa.gov.

Washington Electric Vehicle Tax Credits & Exemptions

Another way that the state government tries to support the deployment of new EV charging infrastructure is by waiving a variety of taxes related to the sale, installation, maintenance, and repair of EV charging stations.

The Washington State Department of Revenue has more information about these Washington electric vehicle tax credits and exemptions.

Case Study

Panda Restaurant Group Partners with EV Connect to Expand and Manage EV Charging With 30 Dual Port Stations.


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Washington State Incentives

State agencies, federal agencies, and utilities offer a variety of rebates, incentives, and grants that make electric charging even more affordable. Check here to see the programs in Washington.


Network and Manage Your EV Charging Stations with EV Connect

By taking advantage of these Washington State electric vehicle incentives and installing EV charging stations at your business, organization, apartment complex, or vehicle fleet yard, you’ll be in a position to increase parking lot ROI while also attracting more EV motorists, who often have more money to spend and make desirable customers, employees, and tenants.

But installing the hardware is just the first step. You also need to be smart about networking and managing your new EV charging equipment. That’s what we do at EV Connect. Our EV network charging solutions are built to put you in control of every aspect of operations, maintenance, monitoring, and monetization of your charging stations. Our EV Cloud Platform service offers even more customization, branding, and other options.

Contact us today to learn more about Washington State’s electric car incentives as well as learn more about how EV Connect can help you manage your new chargers.

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