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  • Switchable Network Guarantee

    EV Connect helps avoid network lock-in

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  • EV Connect’s Full-Service Management

    Way beyond self-service

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  • Multiple Charge Station Manufacturers

    Get the right chargers for your organization

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  • Complete EV Charging Station Solutions

    • EVSE with Financing

      EV Charging Stations

      Because we use true open protocols and we’re partnered with leading EV charging station companies like GE and Eaton, we can provide you the best hardware for your organization.

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    • open

      Network Management Software

      Our charge station management software and services are open to YOU. Some companies lock you in for the life of your charging stations. With us you can switch providers.

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    • integration

      We’ll Manage Everything

      If you want more than a self-service login, let us manage your entire EV charging program so you don’t have to dedicate resources to operating charge stations or providing driver support.

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    • dollarsign

      Maximize – Don’t Supersize

      Don’t waste money by buying too many charge stations. We make tools to maximize charge station utilization, to help you get more out of your limited number of EV chargers.

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    • Switchable Network Guarantee

      Our goal is to make the world’s most flexible EV charging network software and cloud-based integration and application platform possible – and to tailor our solutions for corporate and governmental EV charging needs. Our network is built using Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), which is an open communications protocol between charge stations and their network. We don’t add anything to OCPP to convert it into a proprietary network. If you are evaluating other network providers, be sure to ask if you can switch networks when your service contract is up.
      EV Connect's EV Charging Network with OCPP
    • The EV of Everything™

      EV charging stations generate a lot of insightful data, that when connected to other "things", like enterprise software systems and applications, such as your organization’s building automation system, parking management system, HR benefits system, or your company’s customer loyalty program, adds even more value to those systems. Let us show you the value in connecting your EV charging program with other enterprise software systems.
      EV Connect's EVCloud
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