EV Charging Solutions

EV Connect offers the most flexible, cloud-based EV charge station solutions for
commercial businesses and government facilities.

We’re proud to be the leading provider of EV charging solutions and software. With clients across a wide range of sectors, we sell, deploy, manage and provide operational services for electric vehicle charging stations worldwide.

We’re Your One-Stop-Shop
Charging Station Solutions

Best-in-class EV charging station equipment for when you need to support your growing customer base.
Simple Cloud-Based Management

EV Cloud is a simple, electric vehicle charging network management platform that provides ultimate flexibility in pricing policies, access control and asset management.
24 / 7 Ongoing Support

No need to dedicate staff to your charging station infrastructure, as EV Connect provides 24/7 driver support and ongoing management of your charging stations.

Discover How EV Connect Works For You

Business and Government

We have tailored EV charging solutions for a broad range of industry, government, educational, hospitality and facility types.


When you become a partner with EV Connect, you join forces with the fastest-growing “open” (standards-based) electric vehicle charging network and platform available.

EV Drivers

If you’re an EV driver looking for support, or simply have questions about using a charging station, our app can guide you.