EV charging management solutions made easy with premium customer service from installation to driver support.

EV Charging Solutions

EV Connect offers three powerful solutions:

Blue Fleet

Vehicle Fleet Managers

Fully integrated fleet support with EV charging management, network interoperability, driver communications, peak load management, and access control.

Blue Green Enterprise Gas Station

EV Connect Network

EV charging solutions that allow site hosts to manage everything from just one or two electric vehicle charging stations to thousands of charging sites at businesses, apartments, hotels, and more.

EV Cloud

EV Cloud Platform

Comprehensive cloud-based management platform on which charging network operators, site owners, and fleet operators can build advanced service offerings.

Who Is EV Connect For?

Virtually anybody with parking infrastructure. The need for electric vehicle charging stations is growing across the board, and there are significant ROI opportunities and community leadership potential for those who meet this growing demand:


EV motorists are more educated than the average driver and often make desirable employees.

RetailHospitality, & Tourist Destinations

A growing number of people drive EVs, but many have “range anxiety” about their battery range.

Landlords & Property Management Companies

People who drive an electric vehicle are more affluent and often make for desirable tenants.

CollegesHospitals, & Other Institutions

Lead your community by example by making EV charging stations available to anyone visiting your facilities.

Local Governments & Utilities

Deploy free or low-cost charging infrastructure to the public to encourage consumer adoption of electric vehicles.

EV Connect Mobile App

The EV Connect App uses location-based services to allow drivers to easily find, access, and securely pay for EV charging. Search for and locate electric vehicle charging stations based on location, station ID, availability, power level provided, and accessibility.

Sweeten Your ROI with These Financial Incentives

One of the main obstacles preventing the public from making the switch to electric vehicles is “range anxiety”: the fear of running out of battery charge without a place to plug in. There simply isn’t enough EV charging infrastructure to serve people’s needs. This problem is getting worse as EVs gain market share and begin showing up in smaller cities.

One of the main obstacles facing businesses and local governments when it comes to installing new electric vehicle charging stations is the large price tag, typically in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. This creates a chicken-and-egg problem: We need more electric vehicles on the road to spur market demand for charging stations, but we need more charging stations in place for people to feel confident buying an electric car.

To solve this problem, there are numerous EV charger grants, tax exemptions, and other incentives available from state and federal governments, as well as electric utility companies. These incentives can offset most or even all of the costs of purchasing, installing, and maintaining charging stations, leaving you to enjoy the benefits of having EV chargers without incurring the financial risk.

Find Financial Incentives In Your State


EV Connect’s industry-leading EV charging solutions have been making news as the electric vehicle industry grows and the need for better EV network charging management tools has evolved. Here are our most recent news stories:

Who we’ve worked with

EV Connect has been proud to provide EV charging solutions to some of the nation’s top brands and biggest cities:

Our specialty rests in engineering solutions that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs. From a thorough consultation leading our customers through the very first steps of identifying the most appropriate electric vehicle charging station hardware and discussing the permitting process, to reviewing financial incentive opportunities with them, and finally, to identifying and deploying the specific EV charging solutions that will best serve their interests, we have delivered lasting value to companies and municipalities both great and small.

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