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Welcome to the EV Connect blog!

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is growing strongly. Technological developments, investment capital, consumer demand, and environmental considerations are all pushing toward greater public adoption of EVs in the near future. And, just as you’ll find a gas station every few blocks, we’ll soon have EV charging stations everywhere.

EV Connect bridges the gap between EV charger manufacturers, EV charging station owners, EV drivers, and the electric utility to seamlessly connect the product, service, and user under an intuitive, easy-to-use software platform, increasing ROIs for EV station owners and making EV life more convenient for drivers.

Serving Parking Lot Owners

At EV Connect, we work with businesses that have locations for EV stations, and such lots often stand to increase their income if they have at least one such station.

If you’re a parking lot owner or have access to one, this blog is for you. Here we focus heavily on information that’s useful and relevant to people interested in electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging, on issues like:

  • Overall Business Strategy
  • Cost & Rebates
  • Product Selection
  • Permitting & Installation
  • Environmental & Geopolitical Issues

And quite a bit more!

Working with Industry & Government

We also work with larger entities to help them develop EV stations on their parking lots. Some of our big-name clients include

  • Yahoo!
  • Marriott
  • Western Digital
  • Lockheed Martin
  • The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • The New York Power Authority

Useful Info for EV Drivers, Too!

Our app and solutions also serve electric vehicle owners. Our app will help you find the nearest charging stations and make it easy and consistent for you to pull up and plug in.

Plug in to EV Connect

Founded in 2009, at EV Connect we sell, deploy, manage, and provide operational services for EV charging stations worldwide from our offices in California. We offer the most flexible, cloud-based EV charging station solutions, and we take great pride in being a leader in this industry.

Whether you’re a lot owner, a larger entity, or an EV driver, we think you’ll find some useful information here. Tune in to our blog each week to learn the latest on EV stations, and everything that goes into them!

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