1st EV Charging-As-A-Service System Launched

By September 21, 2015 News
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One of the interesting and challenging things about many types of clean technology is that they are more efficient and save money in the long term but cost more upfront. We’ve seen this with solar panels, LEDs, electric cars, and electric buses. An important component of the electric car market — charging stations — also cost a decent chunk of change. In order to help businesses, organizations, institutions, and government entities that don’t want to drop a bunch of money on a charging station, EV Connect has launched what the first “charging-as-a-service system” (EV CaaS).

whats-includedEV Connect partnered with GE and SparkFund to launch EV CaaS. GE’s WattStation and DuraStation full product lines are available for customers for a charge of $99/month per port. This also includes EV Connect’s base management software and service, but does not include installation.

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