2016 Clean Car Buying Guide Released

By May 30, 2016 Blog

SCAQMD has produced another version of their Clean Car Buying Guide and did you know there are 20 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) with 13 of them available for less than $35,000 MSRP.  That’s before the $7,500 federal credit and the up to $2,500 California credit.

The third annual SCAQMD Advisor Clean Car Buying Guide is now available for download on the agency’s website. Featuring articles on some of the new developments regarding alternative fuel and hybrid fuel vehicles, most of the special issue is devoted to information on the least-polluting 2016 model vehicles available for sale or lease. The information includes the size and suggested retail price of each vehicle, as well as its fuel type, battery range (for electric vehicles), and carbon footprint.   If you are interested in purchasing or leasing an alternative fuel or hybrid vehicle this year, this is a must read guide. To download the 2016 Clean Car Buying Guide, visit https://bit.ly/2016CleanCarGuide.

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