4 Reasons Apartments & Hotels Should Install EV Charging Stations

By September 12, 2017 Blog
4 Reasons Apartments & Hotels

Apartments and hotels: They’re both places you lay your head at night, whether it’s short- or long-term, and they are both somewhere you want to feel totally at home while you’re there. But what opportunities do they have with the electric vehicle-driving community? Actually, they have a tremendous opportunity with EV owners – they simply have to recognize it, embrace it and market it.

Read on to discover four reasons why apartments and hotels can benefit from installing EV charging stations in their parking lots and garages.

It’s one more amenity that sets you apart. Sure, most hotels and apartments offer a pool, a gym, and, oftentimes, free coffee service. But, by installing charging stations on your property, you are appealing to another group of people—EV drivers—and winning them over by providing them the one thing they essentially need at their home or hotel. That population of people who make up electric vehicle owners—a population that, by the way, is growing rapidly and demographically more affluent, and will continue to increase as electric cars become more and more mainstream—will usually always choose their living or visiting destination by whether or not they can easily charge up their car. Positioning your business as a green alternative gives you a strong competitive advantage.

A “green” business generates its own positive buzz. Businesses that choose to practice sustainability create their own PR, meaning they draw attention to themselves because of the positive impact they are bringing to their customers, as well as the world. Consumers value sustainability, environmental awareness, and green initiatives; even those who aren’t driving electric cars. Plus, the possibilities for hospitality awards for environmentalism and LEED certifications are powerful influencers in gaining new leads for hotels and apartments. Charging stations are one very public way to show, from the time someone enters your parking facility, that your business cares about the environment.

Tax benefits, loan incentives, and government subsidies—oh, my! Several states and power utilities provide monetary benefits to businesses that install public charging stations, and the federal government also has a designated rebate program for charging station installations. Take advantage of the incentives in your area so that installing this technology doesn’t feel like a burdensome financial undertaking—because, truly, it doesn’t have to be. Contact our team at EV Connect for a free site assessment at your hotel, apartment building, or business, and learn about incentives in your area.

A sustainable move, like installing charging stations, connects apartments and hotels with tenants, guests, and staff members. Engagement with consumers and employees alike is the most important quality of running a successful business. Charging stations are just one more way to support a group of people, whether they work for you or are purchasing your services, by providing an option for electric vehicle drivers to not only utilize your business, but to also achieve the necessity of charging their car while at your premises. Staff and guests will appreciate your business knowing they have the option to charge their EV.

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