5 Questions About EV Connect: Introducing EV Charging as a Service

By June 22, 2016 News


5 Questions About EV Connect: Introducing EV Charging as a Service

We took a few moments to speak with Jordan Ramer, Founder and CEO of EV Connect.  EV Connect is transitioning the approach to public and enterprise EV charging management.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, the average EV owner will start his or her day with a full charge, do their daily driving, go home and then plug-in

overnight.  They start each day with a full charge and the cycle renews itself.

But industry, government and other verticals don’t have the luxury of a simple cycle.  Or they’re struggling with how to manage multiple locations across a city, county or larger geographic area.  Or they need help with creating a charging network, or need an expert to manage the network they’ve already built.  This is what EV Connect does.

EV Connect follows the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, with a twist.  They see charging as a service.  To that end EV Connect offers a range of solutions: charging stations, where they work with you to select the best unit for your location. They offer an open-source software tool to help station owners better manage multiple charging stations across a geographical area.  They can step in and become the management company for an existing network of charging stations. They also offer industry-specific management solutions–hotels/hospitality, government, parking operators, etc.

They also have a “Parking Lot Manifesto”, a lovely piece of content that will add nuance to your view of parking lots.

We asked Ramer 5 questions about EV Connect, enjoy his responses:

Q: If I follow your site correctly, this is for fleet owners, parking garages, government units, etc. What are the mechanics of providing “24/7 care and management”?

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