A cleaner LA: 8 clean tech companies you should know

By July 17, 2016 News

A cleaner LA: 8 clean tech companies you should know | Built In Los Angeles

A new crop of startups is bringing fresh opportunity to LA. Though many will go on to experience success in any of a number of industries, the mission to positively affect the environment seems to be inspiring veterans and rookies alike. Here are eight clean tech companies helping to make the community a better place.


Cars parked inside a parking garage

As the electric car market diversifies to offer cars that people can really get excited about, the problem then becomes a lack of charging stations. For many companies, offering electric vehicle charging platforms is no longer an option, and that's where EV Connect comes in. The company's industry leading cloud platform provides enterprise charging solutions, not only making it easier for companies to offer charging stations for their employees, but also allows them a way to manage and operate the stations in a cost-effective manner.

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