A Guide to Developing Your Own Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in California

By July 23, 2018 Blog

If you own a parking lot in the Golden State, there are plenty of incentives for you to cater to electric vehicle drivers. Doing so can help the environment, of course. It can also bring you more business. And building electric vehicle charging stations—in California and throughout the United States—enables you to take advantage of federal and state tax incentives.

With so many different angles to consider, here’s an introductory guide to developing your own electric vehicle charging stations in California.

Build a Plan That Makes Sense for You

Each parking lot is different, so it only makes sense that every configuration of EV charging stations is different, too. You should start by answering some broad questions:

  • How many cars can you fit in your lot?
  • What is the density of EV drivers in the area?
  • Can you estimate what percentage of your users own electric vehicles?
  • Where are the best locations for EV chargers?

Our team at EV Connect has helped design the layout of electric vehicle charging stations in California and across the country. We can assist you in this endeavor as well, at no cost.

Choose the Right Chargers for Your Lot

There’s no one “best” EV charging unit. Instead, as with most equipment, there is variety—in form, function, and price. The electric vehicle industry has grown leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, and as a result, there are more companies building EV technology than ever before. This is great news for a variety of reasons, but, at the same time, it makes it more difficult to choose which equipment is best for you and your lot.

At EV Connect, we can advise you on the devices that make the most sense for your particular circumstances, so that you can ensure the best driver and host experience possible among electric vehicle charging stations in California.

Apply the Best EV Charging Software

Good charging station management software can make the difference between the same piece of hardware encouraging a good or bad user experience, or earning a profit or a loss. EV charging is not yet a mature industry, and national adoption of electric vehicles is still in progress, so there remain issues with standards, compatibility, and product utilization paradigms. That’s why electric vehicle charging stations in California and elsewhere often look and act so differently!

EV Connect’s software is the most flexible EV charging station management platform in the industry. We are standards-based, cloud-based and platform-agnostic, meaning it can benefit virtually any parking lot owner and EV charging setup. Here’s why:

  • Our software manages and optimizes different brands of EV charge stations, enabling you to pick the best hardware for your particular location.
  • It can handle reservations, station monetization, human resources, and loyalty programs.
  • It enables a wide variety of hardware and network options.
  • It can integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and unify disparate hardware.
  • It provides you with a simple and real-time way of seeing your EV charging stations’ utilization.

Since 2009, we have deployed more than 3,500 EV charging stations. Our clients include Hilton, Yahoo!, Dell, Marriott, ADP, the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and the New York Power Authority.

Electric vehicle charging stations are in the grow in California. Learn more about the solutions we offer, and contact us today to get a quote or learn how you can receive a free site assessment. Choose EV connect and give your lot a jolt of value!

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