California Public Utilities Commission Approvals Southern California Edison Charge Ready Application to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging  

By January 21, 2016 Blog

We were excited to hear the news last week about the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) approval of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) application to expand Electric Vehicle charging in California.  This is a major step forward in achieving Governor Brown’s goal to expand clean transportation.

On Friday, the CPUC approved a $22 million investment by Southern California Edison to implement Phase 1 of its Charge Ready Program that will provide for the deployment of 1,500 electric vehicle charging stations and support outreach to build public awareness. SCE plans to install charging stations at locations where drivers park their cars for extended periods, including workplaces, multi-­unit dwellings, and shopping malls.

Under the Charge Ready Program, our customers will own their charging stations and are required to use a software and management solution such as EV Connect’s.  SCE will provide rebates to our customers towards the base cost at a pre­determined percentage; 25 percent for non-residential stations, 50 percent for multi-unit dwellings, and 100 percent for stations installed in disadvantaged communities.

Applications for the Charge Ready Program will start in March.  Contact Us now to get on the list.

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