Can A Tesla Charge at a Standard Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

By June 29, 2017 Blog
Tesla Car

For two years in a row, in both 2015 and 2016, Tesla’s Model S led as the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, according to hybridCARS, a research and news forum for energy-efficient vehicles. With an estimated nearly 51,000 global sales in 2016, the electric car brand surpassed competitors in the battery electric car realm, despite the fact that the EVs coming from well-known manufacturers cost less and are targeted toward a more mainstream demo.

Because it is considered a “luxury class” vehicle, the Tesla Model S wouldn’t be expected to perform in sales as well as more moderately priced plug-in passenger vehicles, according to hybridCARS. The fact that it has stayed at the top of the sales charts for not one year, but two, speaks volumes. It’s just that good of a car.

What makes Teslas so great?

The unwavering popularity of Tesla vehicles begs the question: What makes it different from its competitors? Of several positive attributes of the Tesla brand (sleek design, record range per charge, and renowned safety, to name a few), Tesla’s charging station access is among the top. Tesla provides its own brand of charging stations, called Superchargers, which are strategically placed on popular routes and charge at an extremely rapid rate. Superchargers can only be used by Tesla vehicles. But if you’re a Tesla owner, you don’t need a Supercharger to fill up your Tesla’s battery.

With a Tesla, you can literally charge anywhere—as long as there’s an electrical outlet. So, that means, yes, you can plug into a Supercharger if it’s convenient, or at any public charging station, including stations in the EV Connect network, which you can easily find with the use of the EV Connect app for iPhones and Androids. All public Level 2 (220 volt) charging stations, including EV Connect’s, use the same universal connector (a J1772) to plug into an EV.  For Tesla driver, they will need to use the Telsa-provided adaptor to convert the J1772 connector to the outlet in their car.

Explore the EV Connect app and find a charging station fast

The EV Connect mobile app has a Stations tab to locate nearby charging stations, as well as determine their availability. Utilize search filters to check out station status, search radius, accessibility, the power rating of the station, and its network or price. You can even add Favorite Locations for those spots that are easiest for you to access from work or home—or anywhere in between!

Another perk of the EV Connect smartphone app is that you can track the progress of your vehicle’s charging, and whether your vehicle is connected and disconnected from the electric car charging station. Plus, your preferred payment method is saved into the app to make payments quick and seamless.

Charge with ease

So, whether you’re in the market for a Tesla, plan to purchase one in the future, or just recently made the big buy, rest assured that you will have access to electric vehicle charging stations, no matter if it’s at home, on the road via a Supercharger, or at work (or the mall, or a hotel, or a theater—you get the idea) via a charging station in the EV Connect network.


  • steve brye says:

    I do not know what is the current status of payment methods for charging. But I do know that it was violations of the Sherman Anti Trust Act that caused me to stop leasing an electric car after three leases (two GM EV-1 leases and one Nissan Leaf Lease). the EV-1 era was free recharges away from home only. I looked forward to paid charging. But to my horror each charging network required the user to acquire the networks own credit card. Thus electric car users needed 5 or more credit cards to refuel and I never had the one used at UCLA. Each trip carried the fear that arrival at the charger would be met with a car demand I could not match.
    Imagine a gas station that would not accept credit and debit cards or cash only the card of the gas station! Have you resolved this with a system that allows payment by credit and debit card? Have all the other charger providers? This is the issue that stands in the way of electric vehicle sales. Tesla is popular because they have a dedicated adequate system. If all other chargers will not accept credit and debit cards (or only with special complex arrangements the electric car will not be poplular. Go pump gas anywhere and see how credit and debit cards are used. America needs that in electric charging stations or the electric car will not be acceptable until we have it. Please reply.

    • Ev Connect says:

      Thanks for your comment Steve. EV Connect enables one-time charges without registering for the service by either calling the 24/7/365 dedicated support number and requesting a charge or downloading the EV Connect app and using the Guest Use feature. The Guest Use feature enables one-time credit or debit card payments without registering, creating a profile, or giving other personally identifiable information. Your mobile phone becomes the credit card merchant terminal in the same way you buy things at stores.

      The main drawback to using the Guest Use feature is that you lose access to many of the benefits of EV charging such as knowing when your car is finished charging, how long you’ve been charging, more accurate information about power delivered during your charge session, and other driver communication features.

  • Thank you for the article. One question I don’t think you answered is if a Tesla can charge at other high-speed (non J1772) charging stations that are popping up. Would you need a second adapter to plug in at one of those? Or are they configured to plug into a Tesla?

    • Ev Connect says:

      Hi Lee, thank you for the message. Teslas can indeed charge at other high speed, also known as DC fast, charging stations, but the vehicle requires a Tesla provided adapter like it does with a J1772 station.

  • gregbear says:

    They have their own charging network.Don’t tie up the chargers that the rest of us depend on!

  • John Lackner says:

    You can charge a Tesla at a Non-Tesla DC fast charging station with an adapter, but not the other way around. Somebody should fix this.

    • Marcus says:

      That’s like saying a person with the Amex airport lounge access can sit at the lounge and public area but the public can’t sit at the Amex lounge and you want this fix…when you buy a Tesla that’s the perk, it would be wrong for Tesla to prevent you from using public charge point.

  • xrayangiodoc says:

    Tesla sells an adapter that allows an owner to charge from a ChaDemo station as well. There are adapter out there that allow Tesla owners to use just about any standard power outlet with the Tesla Universal Mobile Charger supplied with the car.

  • Terry says:

    Tesla needs to have level 2 chargers at their supercharger areas and charge a small fee for non tesla vehicles. Elon Musk has said his goal is to have all EVs no matter who makes them. The charging network needs to be more user friendly and level 2 and 3 chargers at supercharger sites would help charging availability

  • Regan says:

    If they ever want electric vehicles to be fully embraced by the masses…they should really standardize the charging methods. I think a universally accepted charger without the need for an adaptor for each kind of station is important. I know Elon wanted to share Tesla’s battery technology to spped up electric vehicle adoption….he should do the same for his supercharging stations. People with other brand electric cars should be able to charge anywhere, including at Tesla stations. Otherwise there is no unified infrastructure, and progress is slowed.

  • Akshay says:

    Yet driving an electric car does not have to be difficult or expensive. You can get the most out of driving electric when you have:

    A plug for home or workplace charging
    Accounts for public EV charging
    A clear idea of the cost and time needed to charge
    EVs make the most sense when fueling (i.e., charging) costs remain low and access is convenient.

    In this guide to electric vehicle charging, we will break down the different things you need to enable charging at home, keep your vehicle charged while on the road, and make it all happen at an affordable price.

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