Dear members of the EV Connect community,

In 2010, we founded EV Connect on the belief that we could build a better planet by enabling distribution of electricity as a fuel. In the past decade, our vision empowered us to deliver EV charging management solutions with premium customer service from installation to driver support.

We have enjoyed serving the EV community:

  • Charge station owners and network operators with our EV Charging Management Solutions
  • EV Drivers with our industry-leading mobile and web apps and customer support portals
  • Utilities with our grid management and data services
  • Charge station manufacturers with our open, standards-based platform, through an integrated hardware certification program

From the start, we built the EV Connect Network to make it easy to provide EV charging services virtually anywhere. We quickly learned that partner networks valued our robust and scalable software and the management capabilities it enables. This is the origin story of the EV Cloud Platform, which is now used by providers all over the world. The EV Cloud platform has since emerged as a global leader in EV charging management and now helps customers on four continents provide electricity as a fuel using their preferred charge station hardware. For station owners and network operators, we have also made owning assets easier, efficient, and more financially rewarding. For EV drivers, we have made the fueling experience better than fueling an internal combustion vehicle. Our work continues to help electrify the transportation sector globally, a industry that is now primed for massive transformation and growth.

Today, the EV Connect Network leads the EV charging industry in North America with a combination of industry-leading features, superior management capabilities, value-based pricing, unmatched charge station choices, and simplicity. Virtually any location frequented by vehicles can now become a provider of electricity as a fuel. In our tenth anniversary year, we serve dozens of charge station manufacturer partners, thousands of site hosts, with over 10,000 connectors under contract and are quickly approaching 100,000 EV drivers served.

Our mission to be the world’s leading cloud platform for managing electricity as a fuel continues, and not a moment too soon.

Transportation currently accounts for more than 40% of the planet’s climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, and humanity is at a pivotal crossroads. As such, our commitment to electrify transportation through smart, cloud-based solutions is more critical than ever.

As we look toward the future of the EV industry, we saw a need to refresh our branding and that starts with our logo. EV Connect is an industry connector—from charging station manufacturers and utilities to businesses and drivers—and as our industry evolves, so does our connection. With our new design, we will continue to advance our mission.

EV ConnectEV Connect will:

  1. Increase the number of charge stations available for EV drivers;
  2. Increase the number of kWhs delivered and managed for transportation;
  3. Enable charge station owners and operators to increase their Return-on-Investment (ROI) and decrease their Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO); and
  4. Facilitate the efficient management and integration of electrified transportation on the electrical grid

We are proud to be able to share the following progress despite the challenging conditions of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting restrictions on mobility:

Enhanced Driver Mobile App: We recently launched a new driver mobile app for both the Android and iOS platforms. The new mobile apps have quickly become industry leaders in driver experience and earned high praise from users.

Driver Roaming: EV Connect has implemented and announced agreements for driver roaming on the EV Connect Network with other major charging networks, including EVgo, Greenlots, and ChargePoint. This means that EV Connect drivers can use other charging network providers without having to establish subscriber accounts with other networks. The EV Connect network has grown – and we didn’t have to install a single new charging station.

Charge Station Manufacturer Certification Partner Program: We expanded our capabilities, which enable EV charge station manufacturers to sell more of their product, improve product and software interoperability, and provide an overall better user experience. Unlike other solutions, we chose to engage and work with our charge station manufacturer partners a priority. We believe that tighter integration with our hardware partners results in better uptime for our customers and more market share for our partners.

Network Switching and Open Standards: Unlike anyone else in the industry, we bring the benefits of open standards to our customers. When a leading utility wanted to make a network switch to EV Connect, we took it one step further and enabled them to switch to our network with an ‘over-the-air’ software update. We redirected their stations to work on our platform remotely from our offices. No one had to visit their sites – not an EV Connect employee, not a representative of the station manufacturer, and most importantly, not an employee of the customer. How’s that for efficient network switching?

Data Analytics:  The EV Connect platform empowers electric utilities with the insight to understand the dynamics of distributed power consumption by electric vehicles on their grids. This capability allows utilities to understand usage and predict demand growth over time. EV Connect empowers utilities to become proactive and integral to transportation fueling, and they are excited when they see how EV Connect can provide these services.

Vehicle Engagement: The benefits of a smart EV charging infrastructure are many, but they become especially visible to the consumer and driver when they enable information sharing between the EV Cloud and in-vehicle telematics systems. We worked closely with a major vehicle manufacturer to allow the integration of robust and dynamic charging information directly through its vehicles’ head unit.

Our excitement about the road ahead for EV Connect fuels our work on the future of transportation every day. On behalf of the entire EV Connect team, thank you for joining us on the journey so far, and thank you for your continued support. Here’s to the next ten years!

Join us in powering what’s next.

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