Channeling Steve Martin

By April 15, 2013 Blog
Man looking through yellow pages phonebook

The new website is here!

Welcome to EV Connect’s new website!  We’re as excited about the site like Steve Martin was about the phone book in his movie “The Jerk.”  “The Yellow Pages is here!  The Yellow Pages is here!”

The site is new, some of what we are doing is new, but our passion for electric vehicles and EV charging is the same.

  • We’re proud of our industry-first bundling of charge stations and Management Services, including complete setup, full charge station operation, driver support,  uptime monitoring,  maintenance and more.
  • We’re also proud of our growing number of partnerships with the leading Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers.

As we like to say:

EV Connect’s growing family of employees and partners are unified in the vision that every parking space should provide electric vehicle charging.

Whether you’re a company or governmental organization trying to find the best way to provide charge stations to your employees or constituents, or if you’re an EVSE company looking to partner with us, you can breathe easy.  Get in touch and we’ll be glad to talk.

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