Charged Magazine: EV Charging ROI

By October 23, 2013 Blog
EV Connect in Charged Magazine

We think Charged magazine is a fantastic source for EV information.  We also think they did a great job interviewing Jordan Ramer, EV Connect’s CEO, and writing about EV Connect.

If you haven’t read it, please check it out here.

Two important paragraphs we’d like to highlight is about how we can help companies and organizations measure EV charging ROI, including revenue or retention from EV drivers and more.

[quote]For most organizations, deploying charging stations is not about reselling electricity – most EVSE insiders see little profit potential in that. The payoff is more likely to come in the form of things like customer loyalty (for businesses) or employee satisfaction (for workplaces). However, the value of such indirect benefits can be hard to translate into dollars and cents, and that’s where EV Connect comes in.

‘With hotels, we are finding that if they just subscribe to a public charging network, they never have control…they don’t understand how EV drivers are using their charging stations…but if we integrate with their loyalty program, they can connect that to their existing customer communications database, and start to monetize the value of EV drivers,’ says Ramer. When it comes to workplaces, ‘You want to drive employee retention. Providing EV charging is one way to do that, but if you can’t measure it by knowing who is charging, how much, etc., you can’t quantify ROI, so we provide the tools to do that.'[/quote]

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help quantify and increase your company’s or organization’s ROI from EV charging stations, please contact us.

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