Electric vehicle charging stations coming to Metro park and ride stations

By January 2, 2013 News
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EV drivers will soon be able to charge their vehicles at five Metro park and ride stations: Union Station, Sierra Madre Villa Station, Willow Station, El Segundo Station and Universal City Station. Each of the five locations will have four Level 2 chargers that can accommodate up to eight vehicles at a time. The first two locations, Union Station (located at P2D in the underground parking structure) and Sierra Madre Villa Station, opens to the public in early January 2013. All stations will be open by mid-February 2013.

IMG_3409The installation of these EV charging stations is part of a one-year pilot program. Metro hopes that these stations will encourage EV drivers to combine public transportation with driving. EV drivers will be able to charge their vehicles while using Metro to run errands, or while commuting the rest of the way to work.

EV drivers need to subscribe with Metro to use these charging stations. Once they sign up, they will receive a key fob linked to either a credit card or PayPal account. To start a charge, plug the EV in and wave the key fob over the reader. The cost is $1/hr and tops out at $3. EV drivers will receive a text notification when the $3 maximum has been charged. EV drivers can also call 213-922-GO.EV (4638) for customer support.

This pilot program marks the first time a transportation agency has directly incorporated EV charging stations as part of the transit system. Metro is working with EV Connect to install and operate the charging stations. The program is funded by a grant from the California Energy Commission.

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