Electrify America and EV Connect Expand EV Charging Network

By October 18, 2018 Blog
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Network Interoperability Agreement between EV Connect and Electrify America Creates Win for EV Drivers Across America

Future Electrify America charging customers will benefit from an agreement announced today that will allow them to charge their electric vehicles at EV Connect charging stations. EV Connect drivers will also be able to charge at Electrify America stations.

This agreement will help increase the range confidence of EV drivers, and will feature an interconnected network of thousands of charge stations, located across North America.

“Drivers will now be able to roam between charging networks without the need for additional cards or accounts. It will be seamless for EV owners that you can charge when you need one – comparable to getting cash at an ATM machine even when it’s not your bank,” said Brendan, Jones, vice president and chief operating officer at Electrify America.

Interoperability means EV Connect and Electrify America customers will gain access to thousands more EV charging stations nationwide,” said Jordan Ramer, founder and CEO of EV Connect. “We look forward to working with Electrify America to extend roaming, payment and driver capabilities to customers across the U.S.

Look out for more station interoperability so EV Connect drivers can Charge Forward.

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