EV Connect and ClipperCreek Reach Major Milestone for Improving California’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

By November 17, 2011 News
EV Connect featured in Altenergymag.com

100th deployment marks solid progress toward statewide upgrade of 600+ EV charging stations

In an effort to give California’s electric vehicle (EV) drivers greater access to quality charging stations and upgrade the state’s existing infrastructure, EV Connect, a leading provider of electric vehicle infrastructure solutions and Clipper Creek, producers of the world’s first Underwriters Laboratories listed vehicle charge stations, today announced their 100th charging station deployment is in the Waterfall Building garage in downtown Sacramento. The public access garage serves primarily government employees and the EV spaces are consistently full.

EV Connect and ClipperCreek have been upgrading legacy charge stations throughout California to be compliant with the North American SAE-J1772 standard connector for electric vehicles. The statewide upgrade, slated for at least 600 EV charging stations, is being completed by EV Connect’s North American network of over 150 qualified, trained and certified contractors.

“Upgrading legacy infrastructure is critical to making electricity a viable fuel for the growing number of EV owners in California. There’s great momentum, with many automakers delivering plug-in vehicles to dealerships in the next 18 months and the California Energy Commission estimating 1.5 million electric vehicles on state roads by 2020,” said Jordan Ramer CEO of EV Connect. “The bulk of the work to come—and where we’re adding jobs for licensed contractors—is in the three California municipalities that currently rank in the nation’s top six cities for electric vehicle acceptance – Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.”

“As California leads, the rest of the country is sure to follow,” said Jason France, CEO of ClipperCreek. “We’re proud to be leading the charge. California has been careful to choose highly experienced vendors with high quality products. Our work with many of the world’s largest automakers and the fact we’ve produced over 12,000 units has benefited this major infrastructure upgrade project. We’re updating these units with new, UL listed charge stations that meet the highest levels of safety and reliability for drivers who want to enjoy EV ownership.”

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