EV Connect & Electrify America Bringing EV Charging To Multi-Family Residences

By December 28, 2017 News
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EV Connect is building charging systems for multi-family buildings in New York City, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Raleigh. This is good news for hundreds of potential electric vehicle (EV) owners, as multi-family buildings have often been the Achilles heel for potential EV owners.

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EV Connect Opens Up Multi-Unit Residential Charging for Potential EV Owners

We’ve seen many companies jump on the energy management bandwagon this past decade by installing charging stations for EVs. In this modern information age, using smart chargers offers data on our habits and energy use that means better prediction and potentially more effective help for EV adoption.

EV Connect provides such EV charging solutions and accompanying energy management systems for a complete future energy ecosystem. Its offering is a much-needed platform in the multi-unit residential space where charging stations are most needed and would often be shared. Although absent for the most part until now, a few cities are starting to mandate charging stations in such locations.

Overlapping circle diagram of a national investment planThe Electrify America network, which Volkswagen was required to fund as one of its penalties for its long-term diesel emissions cheating scandal, also must include stations in such locations. Along this route, EV Connect has announced charging solutions for Electrify America for a few multi-unit dwellings in a key cities — New York City, Los Angeles, San Jose (California), and Raleigh (North Carolina).

Electrify America is investing $2 billion into EV Connect’s charging infrastructure. You can read more about Electricity America in this article from Kyle Field. EV Connect will acquire, install, and manage at least 630 charging ports at these multi-unit residential properties and workplace sites. The company says it will focus on the greater New York City, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Raleigh markets, where EVs have become more prominent the past few years. The 10 year contract includes software and hardware maintenance as well as ongoing management services for these locations.

According to Jordan Ramer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer for EV Connect: “The New York and Los Angeles markets are not only the two largest cities in the U.S. but represent more than 50% of the current EV driver populations. We are honored that Electrify America recognized our significant presence and success in these very large markets, and entrusted us with these very important opportunities.”

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