EV Connect offers public charging stations for $99/month

By September 25, 2015 News
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Program Takes Sting Out Of Up-Front Installation Costs

EV Connect offers public charging stations for $99/month

EV Connect wants to take some of the sting out of installing a plug-in vehicle charging station. The company, which makes cloud-based software designed to manage EV charging “ecosystems,” has teamed up with financing provider SparkFund and charging-station-maker General Electric to create a monthly payment system for charging stations. In short, businesses and government entities can get charging stations installed in their parking lots starting at just $99 a month.

The program applies to GE’s WattStation (up to $179 a month) and DuraStation ($199) charging stations and is called “EV Charging-as-a-Service” (EV CaaS). There are some upfront costs for installation, but the bulk of the payments get wrapped up into monthly agreement. Another benefit is that businesses that enroll can now classify the installment as a business expenses instead of a capital expenditure, so there’s an ongoing tax benefit. EV Connect started working on a joint marketing program with GE earlier this year, and you can see more at the official website.

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