EV & The Cloud: How the Cloud is Shaping EV Charging

By December 16, 2019 Blog

EV cloud charging solutions

The expansion of the EV charging network relies on smart, innovative EV technology that makes operating stations beneficial to owners and refueling at stations simple for drivers. The possibilities created through the merging of EVs and the cloud present enormous potential rewards for consumers and investors alike.

Whether you’re creating your own private EV charging station network, or you have an established network that needs some tuning up, there is likely a cloud-based solution that can improve user experience, data collection, maintenance issues, and overall profitability.

Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways that the cloud is shaping the future of EV technology.

Private-Label Your Charging Business

The EV cloud also enables businesses to create a vast network of charging stations all under a single, coherent label. For example, a hospitality chain with multiple locations across the country could manage dozens of stations using the cloud, collect data from customers, and devise a streamlined charging-payment process.

The benefits are not only on the customer’s end; the cloud enables you to optimize your EV charging station’s performance in the following ways:

  • The Uptime Maximizer detects charging station maintenance issues to alert owners and prevent reliability concerns on the user end.
  • Diagnostic tools built into the platform automatically troubleshoot non-performing stations.
  • 24-hour monitoring and support of charging stations through the Network Operations Center.

EV Connect further allows you to take advantage of our customizable app, to keep your brand consistent across multiple channels throughout the customer journey.

Optimize the Customer Experience

driver charging electric vehicle

The EV cloud gives you the ability to optimize the customer experience, too. At EV Connect, our cloud-based solution provides access to a comprehensive suite of APIs and powerful administrative back-end tools which enable charging station owners to create a simple, streamlined user experience that will have customers coming back again and again.

A few of the ways you can improve your customer experience through Foundation include:

  • Create loyalty programs for discounts and rewards, increasing long-term customer loyalty.
  • Leverage your custom app to offer free EV charging for premium member.
  • Integrate coupons with your business to encourage drivers to spend at your store in exchange for discounted EV charging.

Upgrade Your App

Using the latest EV technology, you can upgrade your network’s app with cloud-based roaming and expand access to make it easier for customers or employees to charge when and where they need to. This is particularly beneficial to enterprises which oversee large electric vehicle fleets, including:

  • Car rental agencies
  • Shipping and logistics operations
  • Car sharing programs
  • Suppliers and manufacturers

By expanding access to thousands of stations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, all under a single account, you can make the experience of driving an EV owned by your business easier – thus eliminating unnecessary barriers, frustration, and negative reviews.

EV Connect and the Cloud

Whether you have an established charging network or you’re just starting to build your empire, EV Connect is here for it. Our EV Cloud Platform options include Pioneer, Foundation, and Roam – each providing different solutions to address the specific needs of your business. Each of these solutions is designed to grow with your business as you meet and exceed your EV network goals.

To learn more or to get started, contact our team today or give us a call at (888) 780-0062.

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