Evie Networks Partners with EV Connect for Electric Vehicle Ultra-Fast Charging Network in Australia

By July 3, 2019 Press Releases
Evie's branded charging station

As a part of Evie’s highway network deployment, EV Connect will aid in the launch of a fast-charging corridor in Australia, providing a premium driver experience through the EV Connect platform.

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2019 — To ensure that Australian electric vehicle drivers have a more seamless charging experience, EV Connect has announced that it is joining St Baker Energy Innovation Fund backed Australian company, Evie Networks, as they build an ultra-fast highway charging network, the largest of its kind in Australia. Evie Networks will use EV Connect’s EV Cloud platform to deploy and manage a network of 42 sites and over 80 new ultra-fast Tritium charging stations in their first phase network, aimed at connecting Australia’s major capital cities. The Evie network will leverage the company’s EV charger deployment experience, and EV Connect’s charging data analytics and station uptime management to enable drivers, fleet owners, distributors, and retailers to go electric.


Evie's branded charging stationUsing EV Connect’s EV Cloud platform, Evie Networks will deploy and manage a network of 42 sites and over 80 new ultra-fast Tritium charging stations in their first phase network, aimed at connecting Australia’s major capital cities

“EV Connect is the most experienced charging software developer in the market, and we are putting that expertise and the EV Connect platform to work with our partners to build a clean, safe, convenient, and dependable EV charging network across the cities, towns, and highways of Australia,” said Chris Mills, CEO of Evie Networks. “Based in one of the most mature EV markets in the world, EV Connect brings the experience and capability to reliably connect with a wide range of charging stations and vehicle models. We saw this as critical to providing the dependable charging experience that we want for Australian drivers and partners.”

EV Connect provides the industry’s most innovative cloud-based software platform for managing networks of EV charging stations, their interaction with utilities, and the driver experience. The collaboration with Evie Networks in Australia will help set up a seamless highway network of city-to-city transport for EV drivers and EV fleet operators by increasing the number of chargers in Australia exactly where they are needed. The EV Connect platform allows network operators like Evie Networks to manage everything from a single EV charging site to networks of hundreds of site operators with many thousands of sites and ports under management.

“For Australia to fully realize all the benefits of EVs, we have to reduce range and charging anxiety by giving drivers access to charging and information about chargers, no matter where they travel,” said Jordan Ramer, founder and CEO of EV Connect. “We are excited to work with Evie Networks as we open the door to long-distance travel for electric vehicles by making charging more accessible and easy to use for drivers and more manageable for network operators.”

The ultra-fast chargers Evie Networks is deploying at select highway locations across Australia will give EV drivers a charging experience similar to that of refueling a conventional internal combustion engine. For more information about the project, visit www.goevie.com.au/.


Evie brings the deployment experience, electric vehicle expertise, data analytics and a strong balance sheet to enable drivers, fleet owners, distributors and retailers to go electric. Our chargers are powered by 100% green energy. Evie is backed by major investor the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund.


EV Connect is the home of the most innovative, robust, and feature-rich cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, their interaction with utilities and the driver experience. From the world’s largest enterprises to hospitality and retail, to universities and government facilities, they all leverage the EV Connect platform to bring simplicity and flexibility to their EV charging initiatives. Established in 2009, customers include Yahoo!, Marriott, Hilton, Western Digital, Electrify America, ADP, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority, New York Power Authority, and numerous municipalities. For more information, please visit www.evconnect.com and follow us on twitter @EVConnect and on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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