EVSE Company Offers Complete Charging Ecosystem, For Little Upfront Cost

By February 8, 2016 News

The way electric vehicles are being charged and managed is changing. And one company is setting the standard.

Southern California-based EV Connect is removing the difficulty and the hefty launch costs of installing plug-in vehicle charging stations, with its easy financing and cloud-based software designed to manage an entire EV charging “ecosystem.”

And while the company is not a station manufacturer, it has deployed over 2,500 charge stations nationwide since its inception, and what drives its success, is a unique piece of software that manages them.

According to the company’s president Jordan Ramer, there are six key elements to EV Connects management system, which can be integrated with over 10 different charge station manufacturers.

‘The most innovative, robust and feature-rich cloud-based software platform for managing electric vehicle charging stations, their interaction with utilities and the driver experience,’ says EV Connect.“We don’t focus on only one or two parts of the system,” he said. “Our cloud platform is a complete manager of the electric vehicle ecosystem, including the charge station, driver, utility, and site host, which enables all constituents within the ecosystem to manage their respective part seamlessly.”

Some of the software’s additional features include continuously evaluating the health of a charging network, by receiving heartbeats every few minutes from the charge stations and then acting on any station health issues including both hardware and software failures.

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