Finding State & Federal Grants for EV Charging Stations

By January 6, 2020 Blog
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If you are looking at installing electric vehicle charging capacity for your local government, business, agency, community, or organization, but aren’t sure that you have the finances to justify it, then state and federal grants for EV charging stations might just be able to make the difference.

Most of the available funding, especially at the federal level, is directed toward EVs themselves and the people buying them, not the people installing the charging infrastructure. Nevertheless, there is still a significant amount of funding for electric vehicle charging stations available, especially at the state and local levels of government, and by electric utilities.

The Alternative Fuels Data Center on the Department of Energy’s website has a fairly comprehensive list of funding sources.

The Clean Cities Program & State Energy Program

The Clean Cities Program, by the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, funnels federal funding down to the states to work with local governments and other entities to support the deployment of clean infrastructure such as EV chargers.

Many federal grants for EV charging stations are like this, with federal dollars going through the state governments. Another such example is the State Energy Program.

Title XVII Clean Energy Loan Guarantees

Aside from federal grants for EV charging stations, you might also consider taking on debt to finance your new charging stations. The federal government, under Title XVII of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, may be willing to issue a loan guarantee for your EV infrastructure investment.

A loan guarantee is not a grant, nor even a loan, but rather a federal guarantee on repayment of your loan if you should default on it. You would still have to apply for a loan from a bank, but with the federal guarantee you would be much more likely to be approved.

Federal Grants for Local Governments and Transit Authorities

If you’re a municipality or transit agency, you are in more luck than most, as there are quite a few federal grants available for charging infrastructure. One federal grant for EV charging stations available to local governments and transit authorities is the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program. Another such opportunity is the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program, which can help local governments deploy EV charging infrastructure at places like Park & Ride facilities.

State Grants for Local Governments, Transit Authorities, and Utilities

In addition to the federal grants for EV charging stations available to local governments and transit authorities, many states—especially in states that have prioritized the transition to electric vehicles—also provide grants to municipalities and sometimes electric utilities. To name one example, the State of Washington runs a grant program called the Electrification of Transportation Systems Program. State-level support can be a crucial source of funding for public electric vehicle charging stations, so it is worth investigating your state’s grant offerings.

Grants from Utilities

In other cases, it’s the utility companies that provide grants, this time to local governments or private businesses. For instance, Pacific Power, which serves California, Oregon, and Washington, offers charging station grants. So when you’re looking for state and federal grants for EV charging stations, don’t stop there. Funding sources can come from many places outside government, too.

The Airport Zero Emissions Vehicle and Infrastructure Pilot Program

Oftentimes, funding for electric vehicle charging stations is restricted to a specific industry or type of organization. This is a good example. If you are an airport looking at electrifying your support vehicles or providing new or expanded EV charging facilities for employees or travelers, then you may be able to secure federal grants for EV charging stations through the Airport Zero Emissions Vehicle and Infrastructure Pilot Program.

What Can EV Connect Do to Help?

At EV Connect, we are dedicated to helping our customers deploy and maintain their EV charging infrastructure. We work with most kinds of entities, including:

  • A well-marked, electric vehicle charging station, with green paint and lighting, inside a parking garage.Enterprise customers, such as retail, hospitality, healthcare facilities, and real estate and property management companies, who want to deploy EV parking chargers for their clients (guests, customers, tenants, etc.) in order to generate additional ROI on their parking lots or attract more customers to their shops, or who want to provide EV options for their employees.
  • Government customers, including municipal governments and transit authorities, who want to provide public EV charging infrastructure to their communities or electrify their mass transit vehicles in order to meet environmental goals.
  • Fleets (government, corporate, and bus fleets), who want to electrify their vehicles to save money on operations costs and maintenance.

In every case, the common thread is that our customers have a clean incentive to deploy this EV charging infrastructure. They come to us, as one of the leading supplies of EV charging solutions in the nation, because they recognize that it will be more cost-effective, not to mention way less of a hassle, to entrust the administration of their charging stations to a company that specializes in this.

At EV Connect, our core business is software. While we provide many ancillary services, such as helping you find federal grants for EV charging stations to fund your electrification project, and work with you on the procurement and installation of EV chargers for a hassle-free experience, the heart of our business is our ability to take your charging infrastructure, monitor it and administer it efficiently. Our cloud services allow you to customize our powerful software platform to meet your specific needs.

Contact EV Connect Today to Get Started

Contact us today to discuss your EV infrastructure project. As you have seen, the funding for electric vehicle charging stations is highly location-dependent. We’ve already done much of the footwork, so we’ll be able to connect you with state and federal grants for EV charging stations that you are likely to be eligible for—no guesswork!

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