Flexibility and OCPP

By August 5, 2013 Blog
EV Connect Open Charge Point Protocol


This month’s “Charged” Magazine has a great article entitled “The Changing Charging Landscape” that seeks to explain Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).

OCPP is a standard protocol for the communication between charge station hardware and a charge station’s network (akin to a cell phone service provider).  OCPP isn’t highly adopted in the US like in Europe and Asia because the US market came into being largely through a couple of large DOE grants that let the network provider choose their protocol.  Since most of the network providers were also charge station manufacturers, this served as motivation for an EV infrastructure land grab through proprietary communication protocols, not OCPP.

As the EV charging station market grows and evolves, customers are becoming more educated about charge station hardware and network providers.  Commercial and governmental charger site hosts are increasingly more knowledgeable about the drawbacks and risks associated with closed standards.  As a result, we are seeing a growing level of interest in having a network service provider that can communicate with open-standard-based protocols.

It makes sense when you think about a consumer product analogy:

Would you buy a television set that only worked with a particular satellite or cable service provider?

At EV Connect, our EV charging solutions are built around giving customers flexibility. We believe that in order for the adoption of electric vehicles to gain traction, product and service choice, as well as simplicity, must drive the EV charging infrastructure market.

With EV Connect, the choice is yours.  We partner with a broad range of charge station manufacturers and networks, including both OCPP and proprietary networks. We can provide deployment and management services for any charge stations our customers choose.

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