Ford Fusion Energi Beats My Jaguar XJR

By August 14, 2013 Blog
Electric vehicle digital dashboard display

There was an interesting article in Green Car Reports the other day entitled “Ford Plug-In Drivers Do 60% Of Miles On Electricity (Just Like Volt)”.

I acquired a Ford Fusion Energi in late June, and have been very happy with the performance on the car. My commute is 27.3 miles and by resisting the urge to drive at over 70 miles an hour on the 110 freeway I have managed to get to the office on the EV status a few times of late. I have learnt to understand what behavioral characteristics do not help mileage and have altered my driving style accordingly. As I do close to 1,800 miles a month, I estimate that the hybrid saves me well over $300 a month at current gas prices. The home charging costs about $20 per month by comparison.

I guess the ultimate test was last Saturday when I had to drive to Ventura and back, a journey my Jaguar XJR purrs about. Purring is soothing but the Jag stayed in the garage and the Ford Fusion was taken instead. Better technology and 90 mpg win every time.

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